Skilled Administrative Support Professional with 10 Years' Experience

Marketing Sip is one of the leading virtual assistant company that can help you skyrocket your business by lowering your overhead costs.

We give you more time by helping manage your assistant and support staff to let you focus on the bigger picture. Our staff can do things like schedule meetings, support inbound calls, help gather leads by calling potential customers, write press releases, post on social media sites for your business, and much more.

Marketing Sip, an award-winning digital marketing agency, work with emergent brands spanning a variety of industries throughout North America, Europe and Israel, to create sophisticated marketing solutions that help clients achieve new milestones in growth.

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Organized and Efficient

"Working with MarketingSip has been incredible. We were blown away by how fast, efficient, and process-driven MarketingSip is. After successfully completing a number of basic data collection, email finding, and prospect tasks, we saw MarketingSip could handle a lot more. MarketingSip is smart, reliable, responsive, and very easy to communicate with. MarketingSip becomes a core part of our recruiting & sales teams. We're excited to continue working with MarketingSip on a number of other projects."



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