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Skip Tracing

When traditional methods of locating an individual do not work, professional private investigators can find the information you need. In addition to our resources as investigators, we have even more benefit from being a national company as we have greater access to information throughout Canada rather than just in a single province. Our success rate for locates is nearly 98% in over 3000 cases.

Has a contractor vanished without finishing work on your property? Need to find the correct address to serve your ex-spouse with legal documents? Looking to recover payment from a deadbeat client? Are you trying to find adoption information to locate a birth parent, or locate beneficiaries of an estate? Skip tracing services will give you the information you need to locate the missing individual.



We have a top-rated VA Team specializes in college educated workers around the world.
Because of this, we are able to keep top talent at greatly reduced prices compared to hiring locally.
Our pricing starts around $5/hr.

With this we offer the following packages:

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Basic Plan

40 Hours a Month

2 Hour per day - Monday - Friday​

Just over 40 hours a month

Part-time assistants to help with personal tasks, data entry, research, phone calls, scheduling and more!

Staff Tracking System


per month

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Advanced Plan

160 Hours a Month

8 Hours a day - Monday - Friday​

1 Dedicated Virtual Assistant​

Full-time position for about $5/hr.

Full-time assistants are treated as your Virtual Workforce. They can work on a wide range of tasks and services dedicated to your team.

Staff Tracking System


per month

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Custom Plan

Suitable for Your Needs

Part-time or full-time assistants to help you according to your needs

1-10 Dedicated Virtual Assistant​s

Staff Tracking System